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What makes Guanacaste, Costa Rica vacations so great is that each day brings a different adventure.

There are so many things to do in Guanacaste, from exploring eight national parks and other nature tours, to adventure tours, and cultural and educational tours.
Hike or mountain bike around an active volcano with steaming geysers and bubbling volcanic mud pits. Then soak in natural mineral hot springs and feel your body relax and rejuvenate. Ride horseback like in an Old West cowboy film across prairie and along shade-covered dusty trails to an impressive waterfall for a refreshing swim. Discover the wonders of the rainforest crossing hanging bridges high in the tree canopy, giving you a glimpse into a rarely-seen world. Thrill to whitewater rafting in a fast tropical river, or rappel down a rushing waterfall. Manta rays, sea turtles and huge schools of tropical fish make snorkeling in Guanacaste exciting. And everyone must experience zip lining in Costa Rica, pioneer of canopy zip line tours. An adventurers’ paradise, the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica must be experienced to be believed. Guanacaste Tours invites you to enjoy this amazing corner of Costa Rica on one of the many carefully selected one-day Guanacaste excursions.

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  • The Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste, Costa Rica is one of the world’s Blue Zones where people live longer and healthier … often well over 100 years old.
    Discover the beauty of the exciting province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica – filled with adventure and nature!
    Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in the World! (Happy Planet Index)
    The Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is named after the magnificent shady Guanacaste Tree, or “Elephant Ear Tree” – the national tree of Costa Rica.

  • The Guanacaste province chose to join Costa Rica on July 25, 1824 – celebrated annually as the nationwide holiday of Guanacaste Day.
    Guanacaste’s biggest volcano, Rincón de la Vieja (meaning Corner of the Old Woman), gets its name from an indigenous legend about a princess who became a reclusive medicine woman living in a corner of the volcano after her love, an enemy tribe prince, was thrown into the volcano by her chieftain father.
    The climate in most of Guanacaste is very arid and sunny almost all-year long, like a tropical Southern California.

With spectacular beaches, towering live volcanoes, rich biodiversity, and friendly people, you’ll enjoy a land of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
In the “happiest country in the world”, the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is one of the most popular Costa Rica vacation destinations. Guanacaste is a destination ideal for relaxation and adventure. Nature enthusiasts can take day trips to eight national parks exploring some of the last remaining tropical dry forests in the world, while adventurers will enjoy a myriad of adrenaline challenges on adventure tours in Guanacaste. Take your pick from whitewater rafting powerful tropical rivers or rappelling down gushing waterfalls, to horseback riding across golden savannah, mountain biking around the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, and many more things to do in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Culture-lovers will be enthralled with indigenous artisan towns and historic points of interest.

From howler monkeys waking you at dawn by a live volcano to relaxing on stunning white sand beaches kissed by clear blue sea, Guanacaste, Costa Rica offers an explosion of sights, smells and sounds. What’s more, Guanacaste provides year-round sunshine perfect for your Costa Rica vacation.

Getting to Guanacaste, Costa Rica is easy. Flights from all over the world arrive at the Liberia International Airport (LIR), bringing you close to all of Guanacaste’s tours and attractions. Find out more on how to get to Guanacaste here.
From one day tours in Guanacaste to multi-day packages exploring the best of Guanacaste’s volcanoes, rainforest and beaches, you’ll enjoy the holiday of your dreams with Guanacaste Tours.