Waterfall Canyoning Adventure Tour in Guanacaste

Strap on your harness for this waterfall canyoning adventure tour in Guanacaste! Canyoning with Guanacaste Tours is the ultimate tour to get up close to the powerful forces of nature! Get ready to challenge yourself while climbing and rappelling down the dynamic landscape of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Your adrenaline will be pumping while performing thrilling rappels down two majestic waterfalls and ending with a splash! 

Climbing ropes, harnesses and complete safety gear are used during the whole of this tour. Our experienced guides will assist you along the way showing plenty of care and attention. Have no fear! Grab your swimsuit, quick-dry shorts and closed-toe shoes and get ready to dive into extreme adventure!

Welcome to adventure canyoning in Costa Rica!

Lowering down the first rappel on this Rio Colorado canyoning tour

Enter your eco-adventure playground: the spectacular Rio Colorado Canyon, formed by millions of years of water erosion. This is your launch point from which you will rappel, rock climb and swing like Tarzan over the narrow river channels.

You may choose to begin your canyoning adventure on a guided horseback tour following pleasant jungle trails to the launch point. Or you can take our tour company’s signature big yellow school bus from our Adventure Center office. The one-day adventure pass is your customizable package chosen from a wide range of amazing tours. Your day pass will include a delicious and satisfying buffet lunch at Hacienda Guachipelin’s restaurant. There are plenty of delicious food and drink options for all dietary preferences.

Thrills in a natural waterfall wonderland

The epic tarzan swing through the powerful La Victoria Waterfall

Canyoning is among the top adventure tours with the most thrills and challenges. It is a short but exhilarating tour with some hair-raising moments. The pristine dry tropical forest is the perfect environment to ground your adrenaline peaks in awe and wonder. The wild, green scenery is truly sublime amidst the intoxicating rush of the Rio Colorado.

There is a certain level of fitness that is recommended for the canyoning tour. However, our expert staff is here to assist you during each of the challenging parts of the tour. Our adventure guides know what they are doing and have the ability to accommodate both small and large groups without compromising on safety or standards.

Canyoning with Guanacaste Tours

Begin the tour by rappelling down from a bridge with a rushing waterfall flowing directly behind you. The mighty spray and heavy sounds of the falling Rio Colorado fill this cave-like canyon. As you lower yourself down, rappelling at your own pace, you can take in the magnificent volcanic formations of this 150 million year old landscape. Rincon de la Vieja is Costa Rica’s most active volcano and this tour takes place in its 50,000 year old foothills. See layers of well-defined magmatic and sedimentary chains, including agglomerates, cinders and pyroclastic falls and flows.

As you reach the end of the rope, get ready to drop the last 10 feet into the deep river pool below. You have the option to climb back up the cliff face using very stable hand and foot holds. The added challenge is that a slow trickle of water comes down over the canyon’s edge and splashes you as you climb. This is both refreshing and an exhilarating further challenge.

A thrilling climb back up the canyon’s wet rock face

If you’ve made the climb up, now’s your chance to try the rappel a second time. Maybe you want to drop yourself down faster this time and build your excitement even higher. One of the guides will be waiting in the river below to usher you out of the pool and over towards your next rappel. 

Our team of guides are waiting by to help pull you up the biggest challenges on this tour

This second rappel is drier… for now! As you reach the large wooden platform before, the guides will buckle your harness into one of the most intense tarzan swings on the planet! Fly through the mighty La Victoria Waterfall as it drops down from over 300 feet with huge ferocity. The guides can swing you as close or far from the falls depending on how much excitement you are willing to take!

Safety and fun while canyoning in Costa Rica

Guanacaste Tours canyoning adventure takes you through gorgeous caverns and outcroppings that you would not see otherwise. Our friendly guides are fun to be around and we do everything to make sure that our guests’ safety never feels compromised. Let us assure you that you are in trained expert hands. Our guides are sensitive to different types of people. We can sense when someone is apprehensive and we will take them under our wings to guide them with competence and kindness. We love to point out the incredible wildlife that surrounds us because being in nature puts people at ease. 

Meeting people from all over the world and helping them conquer the little fears we face in life is a blessing. We have seen so many people experience our adventure tours who leave feeling immensely grateful for the excitement and joy that they were able to experience. Getting through the small challenges on our waterfall canyoning tour in a safe and beautiful environment gives people the confidence to go back to their lives refreshed and ready to tackle the really hard stuff. And it is our pleasure to help. We hope to see you soon!


The Edge is the newest section of our canyoning tour that takes you past this huge cave mouth near the Rio Colorado

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Enjoy the best Costa Rica adventure tours on our One Day Adventure Pass. You can add the Waterfalls Canyoning Tour to your One Day Adventure Pass for $20 extra per person. The Adventure Center is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for hotel guests and day visitors.

Guanacaste Tours offers a well-priced souvenir photo package. High quality photos are taken by our professional photographer who joins us for every tour. We recommend that guests do not take expensive cameras and phones with them on our adventure tours where they may become wet or damaged. 

Our guides are very helpful and kind in explaining instructions. Active retirees, teenaged children and couples of all ages thoroughly enjoy this canyoning tour at Rincon de la Vieja. Contact our office to learn more!